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Stop by Our Local Lighting and Flooring Showroom

Your home is such an important part of your life that you want to be comfortable and for everything to fit in its places. Here at Shelby Design Center located in Shelby Charter Township  in Michigan, we offer the best in lighting and flooring for your home and office space. You want to enjoy the ambiance around you at all times, and our expert design consultants can help. Below, learn some of the benefits of shopping at our local lighting and flooring showroom, and stop by today!

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Supports Small Businesses

When you shop at our local lighting and flooring showroom, you'll be helping to support small businesses in our community — and not just our small business. Our local showroom purchases many of our supplies locally, so when you shop nearby, other small businesses benefit, too. This also helps to support the local economy in Michigan.

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Better Selection

Local showrooms, including our local lighting and flooring center, usually offer a much better selection than online. Not only can shopping online be confusing, but it can also be challenging to see your options. When you visit our lighting and flooring showroom, you'll be able to visually see designs and envision them in your space easily.

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Better Customer Service

There is no doubt that you'll be more likely to find exactly what you need when you shop at our local lighting and flooring showroom. Our sales professionals have years of training and experience helping you bring your vision for your space to life and can help answer questions and guide you in the selection process. They have a wealth of information to share, which is something you can't quite find online.

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You Matter

When you shop at our local flooring and lighting showroom, you matter. You aren't just an invoice number who calls or emails with a question. At our showroom, we want to get to know you, your vision and what you are searching for, and our design consultants want to help you have the best living space possible to enjoy. We work diligently to help, and if we don't have what you're looking for, we help you find it!

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Helps the Environment

When you shop locally, you help the environment. There are less transportation costs involved (both for shipping and for you to drive to some place to shop). You can even walk to your local lighting and flooring showroom if you live nearby. Plus, local showrooms don't require a lot of space, so habitat loss is minimal, and there's little-to-no traffic, too!

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Shelby Design Center is proud to serve Shelby Township and the surrounding area with the best in lighting and flooring. We only carry the highest-quality brands, so you can rest assured that you'll be bringing beautiful pieces that will last into your home. We carry all types of flooring, including carpet, engineered wood, hardwood, and laminate. In addition, we offer comprehensive design assistance so we can help you visualize options in your space. From your home improvement projects to your commercial renovations, we can help. 

We've been customer-focused, concentrating on forming relationships with our customers and exceeding their expectations. Our mission is to ensure you find what you are looking for, so your space can shimmer and radiate with warmth and invitation. Reach out to schedule a free consultation today!

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