1. Bring Flair Into the Bedroom With Your Lighting

    At the end of a long day, the one place that you can’t wait to go is your bedroom. It’s a space intended to provide you with a relaxing, calm atmosphere. While your bed is one of the major components that provide this feeling, there are various other components that can help ensure that you’re…Read More

  2. Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Office

    In order for you to be successful in your workspace, you need a workspace that was designed with success in mind. Elements like the colors that you paint your walls, the design pieces throughout the space, and the lighting that you choose will all play a part in how well you’re able to focus and w…Read More

  3. Kitchen Lighting Design For Entertaining Guests

    If your kitchen has become the gathering space when entertaining guests implement kitchen lighting design to create a welcoming, communal area. The kitchen has evolved into much more than a room where food is prepared — it’s where engagements and pregnancies are announced and where we tell stori…Read More

  4. The Advantages of a Well-Lit Nursery

    Soon-to-be parents can spend hours designing a nursery, but most overlook the right lighting for the space. Having a baby is a thrilling time, but before the baby comes there are probably a million things you are trying to check off your to-do list. The nursery is one room that soon-to-be-parents mu…Read More

  5. Lighting Options For Aging Adults

    As we get older the aging process is more noticeable as we greet another wrinkle here, an ache and pain there, and the need for a variety of eyeglasses because our vision continues to worsen. Vision loss affects every part of our eyes from a decreased pupil size to eye concerns such as glaucoma and …Read More

  6. Shine A Light on it: The Three Essential Types of Home Lighting

    Home lighting design is a basic element to your interior design, yet it is oftentimes missed in the aesthetic layout when things are being arranged, furnished, and accessorized — but without the layers of optimal lighting, you can’t see the beautiful hardwood floors or the book you’ve been wan…Read More

  7. Your Guide to Implementing Recessed Lighting

    General lighting in a home is an interior design piece that most don’t often pay much attention to when aesthetics are involved, but, if you are building a new home or undergoing a home renovation, you may want to consider recessed lighting as a part of the lighting design. Lighting design can cre…Read More

  8. Bathroom Lighting Tips From Your Trusted Michigan Lighting Company

    One room in the home that often receives little attention during the home renovation process is the bathroom. This small, private room is often thought of as a utilitarian space with little thought toward comfort. Home design has evolved to help make every room in your Michigan home amazing, and the…Read More

  9. Master Bedroom Lighting Advice From Your Shelby Township Pros

    As a place of refuge and sanctuary, today’s modern master bedrooms are often complex spaces that include a large closet, a bathroom, a dressing area, and so on. Your home’s master suite is an integral part of creating a relaxing and restful atmosphere within the home. Taking a comprehensive appr…Read More