If you are one to follow interior design trends, you have probably noticed that matte finished fixtures are “in.” From matte faucets and cabinets to matte lighting fixtures, the look and feel that matte offers is unique, classic, and can be just right for your space.

Shelby Design Center is a flooring and lighting store located in Shelby Charter Township in Michigan. Our family-owned business has more than 25 years of experience helping local residents and businesses with their indoor and outdoor lighting, flooring, home decor, and window treatments. Below, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of matte finished fixtures, and we invite you to stop by our 20,000 square foot showroom to see for yourself our vast selection, or browse online today!

Advantages of Matte Finished Fixtures

Sleek, Modern Look

Matte finished fixtures offer a very unique, distinct, and sleek look that goes well with other finishes, as well as with most home and office decor and styles. Matte finished lighting fixtures add a contemporary touch to any space at an affordable price. Speak to one of our expert lighting designers to learn more today.

Easy to Maintain

Matte finished fixtures, including lighting fixtures, are very easy to maintain. They don’t show dirt like other fixtures, nor do they show marks, smears, or fingerprints. They hide scratches better than other finishes, such as chrome or metallic finishes, and they simply require a wipe down every now and then to maintain its luster.


Matches All Home and Office Decor

Matte finished fixtures, from a matte pendant lighting to matte flush mount, match almost any home or office decor, no matter what color the finish is. In fact, you can use your matte finished fixtures to draw attention to an object or to must bright, bold colors, so they don’t seem overwhelming.


There’s no doubt that home remodeling can most definitely add up. If you are on a budget or you just want to spruce up your space a bit, then matte finished fixtures are great options. You can have a beautiful, luxurious look for a very minimal cost that you’ll love.

Townsend 3-Light Pendant in Matte Black

Care Tips for Matte Finished Fixtures

No Need for Harsh Cleaning Products

Matte finished fixtures do best with soft, non-abrasive cleaning products. In fact, too abrasive of a cleaning product can most definitely cause damage. These include acids, vinegar, lemon juice, solvents, waxes, bleach, and other chemical cleaners. All you need is a soft sponge and a cloth.

Wipe Down Daily

To keep your matte finished lighting fixtures looking their best, it’s best to wipe them down daily. This will prevent any buildup of dust and contaminants in the air that could damage your fixtures.

Use Care When Repairing

Even though matte finished lighting fixtures don’t show scratches like other finishes do, they themselves are easily scratched. In fact, it is recommended that special tools be used when repairing matte finished fixtures. These include a strap wrench or a rubber capped wrench.

Alden 1-Light Pendant in Matte Black

Unique Ideas for Matte Finished Fixtures

If you are unfamiliar with matte finished fixtures, you may not know where to begin. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate matte finished fixtures into your space include:

  • Matte sconce lighting paired with a bit of brass for your bathroom mirror
  • Matte pendant lighting for over your kitchen island
  • Matte hanging lanterns for above your front walkway
  • Matte path lighting for your backyard oasis
  • Matte chandelier in your dining room that will add a touch of beauty
  • Matte track lighting for your bedroom
  • Matte ceiling fan for any room in your home
  • Matte landscape lighting that will melt into your landscape
  • Matte flush mount for your child’s room
  • And so much more!


For decades, our lighting and flooring store has been specializing in top-rated, personal service that keeps our customers loyal. We are 100% focused on you and your needs, ensuring you have a positive shopping experience, whether in-person or online. Our team’s mission is to help you have the home, office space, or outdoor living area of your dreams. We do this by partnering with the best brands and being a member of a cooperative, so we can offer you affordable prices for the lighting and flooring you want. We believe no one should have to break the bank to have a beautiful home to return to at night.

We have paired the highest-quality lighting and flooring products with our service to craft a unique shopping experience that ensures you leave with the perfect lighting fixtures for you, including our matte finished fixtures. Our expert lighting designers can advise on what’s trending and if the trend is for you. Besides our matte finished lighting fixtures, we offer a plethora of other lighting finishes, as well as window treatments and home accents to truly make your space homey.

Some of our customers tell us that shopping at Shelby Design Center can be overwhelming due to the vast selection. However, if you ask to speak to a lighting specialist, they can bring this feeling back down to earth with humble advice. To get started, simply stop by our lighting and flooring store, or browse online today!