As a place of refuge and sanctuary, today’s modern master bedrooms are often complex spaces that include a large closet, a bathroom, a dressing area, and so on. Your home’s master suite is an integral part of creating a relaxing and restful atmosphere within the home. Taking a comprehensive approach to the quality of your bedroom renovation will provide long-term benefits that you’ll be glad to enjoy. It’s important to have a plan and a trusted lighting store to deliver the best outcome for your renovations. The Shelby Design Center is here to serve as your trusted lighting company in Shelby Township, delivering knowledgeable advice and affordable solutions that match homes of all sizes and styles.

Our expansive lighting showroom helps Michigan homeowners to find the perfect styles and designs to meet their vision. If you’re planning on a contemporary lighting scheme for your master bedroom, it’s important to be prepared. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips that may prove useful in creating a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. When you’re ready, our modern lighting showroom is here and ready to help!

Plan Appropriately

Measuring twice and cutting once is not a principle exclusive to carpentry. Your home lighting plans will likely fluctuate to some degree, but it pays to rely on a design scheme to keep you on track for a cohesive style and an appropriate budget. Our retail lighting pros suggest laying out all of your goals for this renovation. If you have a large bedroom space to work with and intensive plans to enact, it may prove helpful to hire a professional for assistance. While most homeowners do not like the idea of financing help, it can end up being well worth the investment once the project is complete. You may save yourself from multiple return trips to your local lighting store!

If you’re unsure, our home lighting experts are here and always happy to help!

Keep a Balance in Mind

As always, it’s best to utilize a balanced lighting approach when illuminating your master bedroom. If your master suite has a lot of space, you can benefit from a wide range of styles for each type of lighting. Your general lighting should be soft enough to evoke a relaxing environment while being bright enough to allow you to move about safely. Hanging lights and even chandeliers can be utilized with higher ceilings to creating a strong focal point in your space. Recessed lights can allow for a wide range of design options while a ceiling fan can help to circulate air during the more extreme seasons.

When it comes to a lighting scheme, your bedroom should also include task lighting for reading, writing, or any activity that requires additional light. Accent lighting can also be used to highlight art, unique home features, or anything else to create value in your master bedroom’s aesthetics.


Scale Your Fixtures Correctly

The size of your room will ultimately determine the range of lighting fixtures that will fit nicely into your renovation project. If that chandelier were to be placed in a room that was seven feet wide and eight feet deep, it would crowd the space and dominate any mood that you were trying to create. Lighting is all about balance, both in illumination and sizing. It is important to find fixtures that will provide adequate lighting without impairing the flow of the room, such as a low-hanging ceiling light or an obtrusive sconce near the doorway. Our lighting store is proud to provide a wide range of solutions for all types of homes, delivering quality outcomes on a daily basis.

Take Control

Often, the level of lighting you will need in your room will vary depending on what you are doing. Changing for work, putting on makeup, or watching some midnight television all require differing lumens, making a challenge for some homeowners to find the right balance. One simple solution is a dimmer switch, which gives you the ability to set the light levels.

If you’re planning on a lighting renovation for your master bedroom, it’s important to consider all of the aspects surrounding the fixtures themselves. If you’re a Michigan homeowner, you can stop by our lighting showroom in Shelby Township to find the best styles available. All of our quality vendors are backed by expert advice from knowledgeable staff. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or visit our lighting company in person!