At the end of a long day, the one place that you can’t wait to go is your bedroom. It’s a space intended to provide you with a relaxing, calm atmosphere. While your bed is one of the major components that provide this feeling, there are various other components that can help ensure that you’re feeling relaxed and at ease when you’re in your bedroom. One of the ways that you can add a touch of design while also creating a calm atmosphere is through your lighting.

Our lighting company, Shelby Design Center, has a few creative and fun ways for you to change up the lighting in your bedroom. If any spark your interest, stop by our store so you can speak with a member of our design team to start turning this design dream into a reality.


Luxury lighting used to be made only for the fanciest of rooms in the household, but why it was only ever limited to the dining room, we’ll never know. Incorporating a chandelier into your bedroom is not only a great way to add ambient light to the space, but it’s a fabulous way to take your bedroom to the next level. The great thing about chandeliers is that there are so many different designs that you can take advantage of, there’s no one style or appearance that you need to have in order to incorporate this look into your bedroom.


If you’re looking for some accent or decoration lighting to add to your bedroom, backlighting is a fantastic option. A unique and fun way to incorporate backlighting to your bedroom is by placing it behind your headboard. Given that your bed is such a significant part of your bedroom, why not add a little light to it? This is a subtle hint of light that you can enjoy without it being overwhelming or the primary light source.

Bedside Lamps

One of the more classic ways to incorporate lighting designs into the bedroom is by adding bedside lamps into the mix. Not only are these an easy and versatile way to add decorative light to a room, but they also give the freedom of easy change down the road. Finding the perfect combination of stand and lampshade is all that it takes to make a major statement in your room that complements the theme and offers you just the right amount of lighting. The best part is, it’s easy to mix and match pieces as you please.

Reach Out to Our Lighting Company

When you’re in need of high-quality lighting for your home, Shelby Design Center is there for you! We offer a huge selection of lighting options and can provide you with the guidance that you need to find the perfect piece. Reach out to our team today if you’re interested in learning more about the lighting and design solutions that our team can help you or if you’d like to schedule a design consultation with a member of the Shelby Design Center team.