The Power Of Pendant Lighting

One of the great things about pendant lights is their ability to be utilized for all the major types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Here are some ways you can utilize pendants to create a holistic lighting strategy:

Ambient lighting: While it may be tempting to just pick a bigger pendant to use as an ambient lighting source for a larger area, the truth is a big fixture with one bulb isn’t going to give you any more light than a smaller fixture. Instead, consider installing multiple pendants in a row, or spread throughout the room, to ensure you have sufficient illumination.

Task lighting: Pendants lights can be very well utilized in the realm of task lighting. Installing pendants over a kitchen island can give you focused lighting that’ll allow you to tackle your prep work with ease. Make sure you purchase a fixture that directs the light downward if you’re going to use them in this way.

Accent lighting: While pendant lighting isn’t commonly used for accent lighting, such as track lighting with spotlights might be used to emphasize a piece of art, there are times where a wash of overhead light is exactly what you need.