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Lighting Controls

Lighting control systems have grown in popularity in recent years as energy efficiency and convenience become priorities for many homeowners and business owners. These systems allow users to control their lighting from a central location, often a wall-mounted panel. This allows for greater control over light intensity and duration, as well as the ability to create pre-programmed lighting scenarios. Shelby Design Center is a local lighting and flooring store located in Shelby Township. Our family-owned lighting business loves to help our customers find exactly what they need for their homes and businesses. Shop with us today!

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Uses For Lighting Controls

One of the most common uses of lighting controls is to reduce energy costs. By adjusting the amount of light being used in a room, you can lower your energy bills. This can be done by setting the lights to turn off after a certain amount of time or when no one is in the room. You can also set the lights to turn on when someone enters the room, eliminating the need to flip a switch.

Another use of lighting controls is to create a certain ambiance in a room. You can adjust the brightness and color of the lights to create the perfect atmosphere. This can be especially helpful in a home theater or media room where you want to create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Lighting controls can be used to increase safety in a home or office space. By setting lights to turn on when someone enters a room, you can make it easier to see when entering a dark room. This can help prevent people from tripping over things or even from being attacked.

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Types of Lighting Controls

One type of lighting control is a dimmer switch. This switch allows the user to adjust the brightness of a light to their desired level. This can be used to provide a softer light for a more relaxed atmosphere, or a brighter light for tasks that require more illumination. Dimmer switches can also be used in conjunction with other lighting controls, such as motion sensors and timers, to provide an even greater level of control.

Another type of lighting control is a timer. Timers can be used to turn lights on and off at certain times of day, such as during the day or night. This can help save energy costs by ensuring that lights are only in use when they are necessary. Timers can also be used to create mood lighting in a space, such as by dimming the lights at certain times of the evening.

Motion sensors are another type of lighting control. These sensors detect movement in a space and then turn the lights on and off accordingly. This is useful for areas where lights may be left on when they are not in use, such as in an office space or hallway. Motion sensors can also be used to create a more secure environment, as lights can be triggered when someone enters a space.

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Lighting Control Design​

Lighting control designs are becoming more common in homes and businesses alike. This is due to the immense benefits they provide. Lighting control designs allow you to customize your lighting experience in various ways, including dimming, scheduling, and managing multiple devices. Furthermore, these designs can also help you save energy and money, as well as provide a more comfortable and convenient environment


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