It can be hard to beat carpet in the home. This soft, warm material is durable, versatile, and able to block a lot of sound transference throughout the home. Carpet is the perfect choice for many homes, with only regular maintenance and spot cleaning needed for a long lifespan. No other flooring material is quite as versatile or prevalent as carpet, and our team here at the Shelby Design Center is ready to help!

Our 20,000 square foot flooring showroom in Shelby has all of the products your home needs for a quality renovation, breathing new life into your place without the high costs and hassle commonly associated with normal flooring stores. We’re proud to help Michigan homes and businesses outfit their space in comfort and quality. As a flooring co-op, our carpet suppliers have a wide range of styles and designs to deliver an ideal outcome for your floors. From formal area rugs to solutions for high-traffic hallways, we’re confident that our flooring store will have the best solution for your needs.

With so many choices, it can be downright intimidating trying to find the perfect product from your local carpet retailer. As your comprehensive design destination, the Shelby Resource Center can help you every step of the way.

Finding Your Home Carpet Type

How your carpet is constructed will play a major role in how it will behave on a daily basis within your home. While there are many styles of carpet available (Saxony, plush, and so on), most fabrics rely on the following methods for creating amazing products:

Cut Pile

This popular style relies on dense tufts and numerous twists in the yarn to promote high levels of durability. During construction, thousands of strands of yarn are sewn onto a backing to create rugs and carpeting. When these loops are cut, cut pile carpet is the result. This construction design allows for a wide range of styles for consumers to choose from.

  • Textured. This best-selling option features tightly twisted yarns to provide adequate durability for every room in the house. Textured carpet will hold its shape, hiding footsteps in addition to dirt and grime.
  • Frieze. Homeowners seeking a curled appearance with their carpets can benefit from frieze carpeting. This unique style features several twists per every inch of yarn, creating swirls that work to hide footprints, vacuum marks, and dirt. Frieze is a great option for busy homes, but remember that its long-stringed construction will result in drawbacks in durability. Materials with longer strands are often referred to as “shag” carpeting.
  • Plush. Also known as velvet carpeting, this choice focuses on luxury and density to maximize comfort and aesthetics. The biggest trade off for those luxurious footsteps is the fact that your product will not hold up as well in high-traffic areas. Plush carpets also do not cover stains and footsteps as effectively, making regular care a top priority.
  • Saxony. This style is cut to create a smooth, even finish. Saxony carpets are often confused for plush varieties due to their dense and soft construction. Overall, Saxony provides a quality mixture of benefits and drawbacks that help to make this style a top choice in homes nationwide.

Loop Pile

During the construction process, products that do not have the tips of their yarn strands cut off will fall under the loop pile designation. Instead of open fabrics, these strands remain in a loop, providing a wide range of styles and materials that are versatile enough to be utilized nearly anywhere. Loop piles are able to be designed to come in a wide range of textures and colors, giving designers a huge range of options when creating new carpet. From your game room to your office, this style is ideal for high-traffic areas that can benefit from versatile design elements. While the design options are nearly endless, you can expect to find a few common styles of loop pile carpeting, including:

  • Loop pile. This approach creates uniformity with short looped fibers. The result is a surface that is highly durable and able to withstand very high volumes of traffic. Homeowners looking for Berber-style materials are looking for loop pile products, as this style is very popular across the country. If you are worried about soiling the aesthetics, be sure to find a carpet or area rug that has darker flecks of fabric to help hide dirt.
  • Patterned loop. By changing the height and texture of your loops, you can create dynamic visuals that create vibrant patterns. Oftentimes, people choose multi-level loop piles to create depth for your floors.
  • Cut and loop. Combining the best of both worlds is possible with cut and loop carpets, featuring a mixture of both designs to offer benefits in durability and design. You can create textured appearances for your floors that are both durable and better able to handle dirt.

Beyond these types of construction is the wide range of colors, patterns, fiber types, and more for you to choose from. Finding the perfect carpet for your home will depend largely on your intended use and budget. As your go-to flooring store in Shelby, we have the inventory and experience needed to provide quality solutions for your Michigan home or business. Visit our huge flooring showroom in person or contact us today by filling out the form!