Keeping your Michigan home clean can afford a wide range of benefits for your family. We all know that a spotless abode helps you feel better, and as it turns out, proper home maintenance can help your interior last longer, too! This thought process can prove especially valuable for homeowners hoping to invest in a new floor. Installing tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or engineered wood flooring can be a big purchase, making it vital for you to follow up with a long-term cleaning plan to ensure that your home looks great for years to come. The Shelby Design Center is proud to be your all-in-one lighting and flooring store in Shelby Township. Our expansive flooring showroom is here to provide the best home design solutions to find a perfect fit for your unique style. Once we find the optimal home improvement products, our team will special-order it for you!

More Floor Maintenance

We’re here to provide complete customer care, and that goal is extended through our blog series. Today, we’ll continue to discuss floor maintenance tips that may help, or at least inspire, you to break out the mop and take care of your new home flooring products!

Hardwood Flooring

Natural wood flooring can look timeless and beautiful, but only when proper precautions are taken to minimize damage while optimizing cleanliness. Much of the concern for your home’s new floors comes from the introduction of dirt, grime, moisture, and other outside elements can enter and begin to wear down the finish. Many Michigan homes benefit from both outdoor and indoor floor mats to ensure that all shoes entering the home have been scrubbed down. Preventing abrasives such as sand from making contact with the wood’s surface is worth the effort!

Man-made problems can also prove problematic. For regular maintenance, we recommend routine sweeping and spot-checks to ensure that your floors are always at their best. Be sure to consult your manufacturer’s recommendations, as they will know the best products to use in conjunction with the material in your home. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it’s important to keep a few quick notes in mind:

  • Moisture is bad. Wet mops may be useful for quickly cleaning stains, but the extra water can wreak havoc on your floors over time. The best way to prevent long-term damages is to clean up spills or stains immediately!
  • Avoid harsh chemicals. Cleaning products with abrasive elements or heavy use of ammonia can result in more harm than good. Do your research before cleaning your hardwood floors!
  • Avoid mixing finishes. It’s important to remember that combining your waxed floors with a varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finish can result in negative consequences. For one, your floors will be too slick, and the finish will not perform properly and accept future finishes for the best performance.

There are many ways to protect your home’s hardwood flooring, including elements such as furniture pads. These small, adhesive bumpers act as the surface between your floors and furniture. Sliding chairs, displaced couches, and other movements can quickly scratch up the beauty of your hardwood, so be sure to take extra precautions when enjoying your new floor!

Laminate Flooring

Many homeowners will be happy to know that their new laminate flooring is affordable and durable. While laminate is designed to hold up to damage, it is not a perfect material. Our flooring team recommends a regular routine of sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming on a regular basis. Be sure to continually clean your floors with an approved product made to benefit laminate flooring. Just like other materials, it is recommended to clean spills up quickly to avoid damages.

Laminate flooring can be damaged due to moisture and abrasion. Be sure to avoid any abrasive cleaning agents, which can include strong chemical cleaners. Many homeowners rely on liquid cleaning products, but be aware that this approach can causing warping or swelling if the moisture were to seep past the surface layer. Wet mops can also cause excess saturation, making it important to use discretionary methods such as a damp cloth for tough spots.

Investing in new home flooring can provide amazing enhancements to your Michigan property for years to come. There are many materials to choose from, making it important to visit a local flooring showroom with the expertise to find exactly what you need. The Shelby Design Center is here to serve as your go-to flooring showroom, delivering expert advice to match our high-quality design options. Contact us today to learn more or stop by our flooring store in Shelby Township to begin designing your new space!