Home flooring is one aspect of your renovation that can provide years of quality use and beauty, providing comfort for your family while protecting your home from a variety of stains, spills, scratches, and so on. Whether you plan on investing in hardwood flooring or working with your local carpet retailers, it’s essential to find the right material that matches your lifestyle. Michigan residents looking for quality home design services and products can benefit from visiting our flooring store in Shelby Charter Township. The Shelby Design Center is proud to be your single stop for complete home design solutions, including residential flooring, window treatments, home lighting, and more. The experts in our flooring showroom have the training and expertise to help you through every step of your home improvement process.

We’re dedicated to being your Top Rated Local® lighting and flooring store, and our customer service goes beyond the implementation of your home improvements. Today, we’ll highlight a view cursory tips that may help you in deciding on a new flooring material or simply help you to take better care of your existing floors. When you’re finished, be sure to stop by our home design store in Shelby Township for quality assistance!

Floor Maintenance Tips

All of our tips are created based on good practices and responsible measures compiled by professionals all across the industry. Our advice may not be right for your specific material, so be sure to reach out to an expert if you are unsure!

Carpet Flooring

As your trusted carpet suppliers, the Shelby Design Center has partnered with Carpet One® to provide all of the benefits of a flooring co-op. We want you to enjoy your new carpet as much as possible, and a major part of this success relies on proper care. There are many tips to keep your carpets clean, as dirt and debris can quickly grind down and wear out the fabrics. While we have volumes of advice to give, today’s blog post will cover five basic tips:

  1. Vacuum often. Regular vacuuming will do much to reduce the wear and tear on your carpets. This fabric is amazingly adept at hiding dirt and debris, convincing most homeowners that once a month is often enough for cleanliness. We recommend vacuuming at least twice a week for rooms that receive regular use.
  2. Remove your shoes. Many people get in the habit of taking their shoes off before entering their home, and this practice can actually prove very beneficial for your carpet. Footwear can bring in a plethora of problematic materials, making it helpful to invest in a tub or mat intended for shoe storage. Also be sure to utilize a quality doormat as well!
  3. Clean stains quickly. Spills are commonplace for homes, making it helpful for homeowners to compile a kit to quickly clean up any hazardous materials. Items such as rags, cleaning chemicals, scrapers, and brushes can all help to effectively remove spills before they become permanent fixtures in your home.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight. UV damage can quickly break down your roof, vehicle, and your own skin, and the result is no different for your carpets. Homeowners with large windows need to invest in the right material, otherwise they may be left with premature fading and uneven colors!

Tile Cleaning

Glazed tile floors are a popular choice for homes looking to capture a warm and welcoming feel, and the maintenance demands for this material choice are often very minimal. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will do much to keep your tiles clean and unblemished, and mopping will often provide plenty of cleaning power. Tile is very stain-resistant, but it is advisable to pick up spills quickly. The grout between your tiles may stain, so be sure to keep an eye on this aspect of the floors. Remember that sudsy soaps have wax in them, and the cleaning process will likely dull your tile.

Properly maintaining your floors can result in long-time benefits that help to keep your home looking fresh and vibrant for years to come. Next time, we’ll continue this post by highlighting a few basic tips for maintaining your hardwood and laminate flooring. If you’re looking for a flooring store in Shelby Township for all of your home flooring design needs, be sure to stop by our expansive lighting and flooring showroom for assistance! The Shelby Design Center is proud to be your trusted source for complete home renovation solutions. Contact us today or stop by our store to begin looking for the best home flooring options available!