In our last blog post, we touched on a couple of the dos in regards to caring for your custom flooring. While there are lots of things that you can do that will benefit your floors, there are also a handful of things that you can do that will actually hurt your floors. Today we’re going to be covering a few of those items so that you know not to do them when caring for your floors.

Don’t Leave Stains Untreated

Carpets are an expensive addition to your house, but they’re worth every penny that you spend! Unfortunately, they do require some additional work to be done when it comes to maintaining their appearance. One of the major things that you must stay on top of are stains. If there’s a stain from your pet or you’ve spilled something, and it’s left a mark, treat it! The longer that a stain goes without treatment, the harder it’s going to be to take care of.

If a stain goes too long without being cared for, it almost always becomes a new addition to the carpet and the appearance of your room. If you’re not looking to add any new accent colors to your carpet, do your best to treat stains as quickly as possible.

Don’t Soak Your Floors

Water is a big part of keeping your floors clean, but too much water can actually do some serious damage. Both hardwood floors and carpet can be damaged when too much water is applied. If you let the floors soak the water in, the damage becomes even worse. The same can be said for cleaning solutions that are left to soak — damage is bound to happen.

Aside from the fact that doing this could warp your floors, there’s also a chance that it could stain your floors from too much liquid being absorbed. Rather than letting your floors soak in water or a cleaning solution, invest in a professional cleaning.

Don’t Use the Wrong Device

Cleaning is something that many think is versatile, but the reality is that there are specific methods for specific materials, and for a good reason! You don’t want to use the wrong attachments on your vacuum to clean your carpet, and you don’t want to use steamers on your hardwood floors. Using the wrong device or the wrong cleaning solution could lead to damaged floors, scratches, warping, or stains from improper equipment. Rather, learn more about the proper cleaning process for your floor type and save yourself the trouble of dealing with damages later on.

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