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Ceramic Tile

Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Ceramic Tile Flooring Options

Michigan homeowners looking to update their kitchens or bathrooms can benefit from the timeless quality of ceramic tiles. As your trusted flooring store in Shelby Township, the Shelby Design Center is proud to provide the most stunning and personalized solutions for any home design style.

When it comes to ceramic tile as a home flooring option, there is a lot to consider. Our experienced staff will work with you to choose and deliver the best choices to bring your vision to life while staying within your budget. Schedule your design consultation with us today.

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Things To Know About Ceramic Tile

There are a lot of factors to discuss and plan before getting to work on your home flooring project. A few quick facts to remember before shopping:

  • Tile sizes vary. The final dimensions of your tiles can vary, and tiles are classified by their nominal size. Ceramic tile shrinks during the firing process, resulting in a one-tenth reduction in size.
  • Room sizes matter. The dimensions of your kitchen may help to determine your perfect tile size. Smaller rooms often improve with larger tiles, reducing grout lines and increasing space.
  • There are three ceramic tile choices. You can choose unglazed or glazed ceramic, or go with a sturdier porcelain to line your floors.
  • Versatile uses. While ceramic tiles are perfect for the kitchen, you can extend your use of this material outside. Be sure to check with your flooring store to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Grout is important, too. The type of grout you use and its many variations help to enhance the visual of your new ceramic tiles.

Why Would You Choose Ceramic Tiles?

More Resistant

The modern production of home ceramic tiling from reliable providers ensures that you are receiving a product that is both affordable and resistant to wear from foot traffic, which leads to reduced flooring longevity. Ceramic tile is built to hold up to high levels of use, retaining its pattern and texture for a long time. If you have a home that experiences a heavy amount of traffic from children, pets, and guests, consider investing in the benefits of ceramic. Resistance also manifests in the form of moisture control. When remodeling your bathroom or renovating your kitchen, it pays to consider water concerns when choosing a material. Ceramic tiles hold up against moisture, giving you peace of mind when those children and guests are utilizing the sink, the shower, and so on.

High Durability

In addition to resisting wear, ceramic is known to last a long time when cared for properly. Longevity is a major consideration when balancing your home design budget, and most homeowners report a high level of satisfaction with the return on their ceramic tiles.

Simple Sanitation

Cleaning is often a snap for those with hectic schedules and plenty of messes to clean up. Ceramic is also resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents, holding up to some products that might otherwise damage your floors. Simple sweeping is often enough to keep your floors looking great, with minimal need to wash.

Plenty Of Choices

Ceramic tile is made in a wide variety of sizes ranging from two-foot squares to one-inch pieces. Consumers can now choose their tile’s colors, patterns, and textures to mimic a wide range of more costly flooring options. You can find a high-quality finish to match your needs while coming in at an economical price tag.

Visit The Shelby Design Center For Great Pricing On Quality Flooring

With so many benefits and so many styles, it should be easy to see why you should consider ceramic tile for your home flooring updates.

Our 20,000 square foot lighting and flooring showroom in Shelby Township is here to provide you with the styles and expertise needed to create an optimal outcome for your Michigan home. Contact us or fill out the form below to learn more or stop by our local flooring store to begin your renovation!

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